How does EducateMe select the children it sponsors?

Our local staff work closely with our partner schools to identify high potential children in the community who cannot afford school fees. We consider the potential of the child to succeed in school, as well as the level of need of the child's family. We also consider other factors like ensuring opportunities for girls and the number of children in the family.

EducateMe kids are bright and eager to learn. Some will certainly become doctors and lawyers, while some will simply become better-educated farmers and shop owners, all of which are necessary to create a more prosperous future for their families and their countries.


Does EducateMe work with Public schools or just Private?

We only work with private schools.  This is not because of any particular bias against public education, but the reality in most of Africa is that public schools suffer many challenges and typically cannot meet our standards of educational quality.  Besides, there are more than enough private schools for EducateMe to partner with, and sadly, more than enough poor children who would gladly attend those schools if given the chance.


How is my sponsorship money spent?

The primary costs we cover with your sponsorship donation are school fees. In addition to formal school fees (or tuition) we also support costs for books, uniforms and other supplies that are required to attend our partner schools. These fees often include lunch, which may be one of the only good meals the child gets on a given day. Beyond the direct expenses for the child, some portion of sponsorship dollars are spent on local costs associated with managing relationships both with partner schools and sponsored children.  IMPORTANT NOTE: In most cases, we still ask parents to contribute some small amount toward school fees in order to ensure their involvement and commitment to the child's education.


Is EducateMe a Christian organization?

Yes. We are driven by Jesus' exhortation to care for the "least of these".  That is who we are.  We are not, however, an organization with any religious litmus test for those whom we serve.  We work exclusively with Christian schools wherever possible, and the children we sponsor may come from Christian families or other faith traditions.